Frequently Asked Questions

Website Host tries to answer as many questions as we can throughout the year, however, we can't always keep up, especially during the holidays. We created this web page in hopes of answering the most frequently asked questions received through our contact us email form.

How do I hire you to host or build my website?
At this time we are taking new clients by invite only. Meaning that our team members generally pick up clients in the normal course of doing business online and offline. You may contact us to see if one of our team members is ready to accept new clients.

Is this website and its services safe to use?
We are web development professionals and would not do anything to hurt our reputation as such. We only collect personally identifiable information from our clients, to complete a purchase or sale transactions for example.

Can you send me your pricing information?
No we can not. We are a custom web design and development studio and our pricing is therefore not fixed. We tailor our pricing to meet the needs of clients after an initial consultation.

How do I contact your billing department?
If you have a billing issue, please contact your project leader directly. If you don't know who that is then you are probably on the wrong website. Alternatively call the number on your credit card statement.